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Nine SS.13 Onyx & Crimson

Nine SS.13 Onyx & Crimson was definitely one of the most memorable yet successful duos i have ever designed. Without even knowing it, i was creating two staple items that would be duplicated through all of the future collections. No just that, i was also introducing durable nylon that would eventually reflect the weather in the city and put a unique perspective on the brands image.

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Soseta 3 is an independent Romanian socks brand Made in Europe. While knowing the founder of the company i got a chance to design and produce custom made patterns. The goal was to bring colour but keep it simple and brandless. No big logo, no big fonts, we wanted to create a feel of pattern ownership from the moment consumer sees the designs.

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The very first lookbook i have done for the brand back in 2012. There was no particular idea or concept behind. Just a simple afternoon with a bunch of friends. After renting a ring light, putting a hand made white background on the wall, we started shooting. The result was amazing, worth of big time, big budget shoot. I was able to capture an authentic expression and feeling from the models focusing on honesty and good relationship of the people i was photographing. The black & white treatment put an extra emphasis on the skin and fabric definitions creating a unique way of introducing the brand.
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Nine SS.15 was one of the best and successful not just designs, but also lookbooks i have done in the past years while working for the brand. The idea was to showcase two completely different environments, one that represents nature and the freedom of Vancouver outdoors, second one was the minimal and industrial look of the downtown core of the city. We have styled the clothing accordingly to each location.

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I was approached by Nike Football to shoot the Dutch finals of their street soccer championship - Football X in Amsterdam. The final game was between Rotterdam & Amsterdam. The goal was to document the emotion and the pressure of the game. Amsterdam took the W and instilled a sense of pride amongst the local youths. What appealed to me most though, was the intense emotions of the onlookers of the game. The united concentration amongst the crowd supporting their local teams was one of the highlights of the day, which was one of my favorite shot as well.

IMG_7518 IMG_7449
IMG_7396 IMG_7671 IMG_7449 IMG_7509 IMG_7403 IMG_7533 IMG_7598

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It's been two years since we released this line for Nine. The season came right after a successful summer drop so we wanted to make it more then just headwear and decided to add some sweatshirts and long sleeves to it. Respecting our brands guidelines we stuck with the colour blocking and simple bold logo design. Pushing the execution by embroidering the brand on the left side of the hood, flock print the logo and use soft, preshrunk cotton for a better fit.

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For the last couple of years March 26th is been known as one of the biggest sneaker events in the world. A celebration of one of the most iconic shoe ever made the - Air Max. This year i was blessed to collaborate with Nike and take lead on the Air Max Day Amsterdam and show the vibe through my photography. One of the biggest highlights of the day was a sneaker cleaning Van of Nike x Jason Markk driving around the city and giving some free clean ups to people rocking AMs.

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