October 3, 2016 - Comments Off on HANCAI SKATE TEAM X NIKSONE FOCUS


Saturday's rarely get as good as this one was. Singapore's finest skate team gave the opportunity to photograph them in their element doing their thing. i got to be a part of a lifestyle not just as a photographer but as a friend. I rolled into this photoshoot with a state of mind of being one of the boys. No set up, no official brief - just skate, we chill, drink and see what happens.. Eventually if we vibe off the magic will happen on its own, and it DID. No words needed to describe, just look at the pictures below.

img_9011 img_8957 img_8944 img_8932 img_8718 img_8719 img_8765 img_8871 img_8872 img_8888 img_8894 img_8699 img_8692 img_8683 img_8646 img_8629 img_8636

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